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David M. Navarre

I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University’s Visual Communication Technology program, which has provided me with a solid foundation from which to excel in a work setting.  I completed internships with the Toledo Mud Hens & Walleye organizations, creating the majority of visual media for the teams while keeping one cohesive identity. I also worked at PBS–WBGU, leading small projects and producing documentary style pieces. I have a strong passion for videography which can be seen in my own short films. As a designer I would consider myself very unique, as I tend do my best work in a creative environment. Have a great day and remember, if you weren't supposed to have a midnight snack then why would there be a light in the fridge.

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Name: David M. Navarre
Phone: 419.490.6088
Address: 5336 Carlingfort Dr. Toledo, OH 43623